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About BCRF

The Burnt Children Relief Foundation (BCRF) was founded in Southern California as a tax-exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
(tax ID 45-5593363).

Executive Board

Lawrence Hoodack

Sherry Cooper
Outreach Chair

Hollie McKay
Director of Media and Outreach

Our Mission

BCRF is dedicated to healing the wounds of war for burnt children by providing life-changing surgical care. BCRF has built a strong relationship with the Shriners Hospital.

Executive Board Bios

Saed Moujtahed

Saed Moujtahed is an electrical engineer, and founder of Apex Consulting, an engineering consulting firm.

He is also an activist who has put the Arab-American community on the American political map by volunteering his time to empower Arab-Americans to exercise and protect their rights in the U.S. and to have a strong political voice. He has worked tirelessly with Congress to defend the rights of the Arab and Muslim American community against stereotypes and labeling. He successfully campaigned for Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for her 2004 election, which she won.

Saed Moujtahed has been a Syrian-American activist from the beginning of the Syrian revolution. He established and chaired the Government Relations Committee for the Syrian American Council (SAC) for nearly a year. During the last five years, he spent most of his time lobbying our Administration to support the Syrian people in attaining their struggle for freedom. He traveled to many cities throughout the U.S. to rally the Syrian-American community’s support and to motivate them to overcome the psychological fear that most Syrians inherited from this barbaric regime for over 48 years.

Currently, he is President of the Syrian Institute for Progress (SIP), an organization that focuses on addressing and supporting the needs of Syrian refugees, he lunched a successful program, Burnt Children Relief Foundation (BCRF) bringing Syrian burnt children to the U.S. for treatments. In addition to continuing to provide information and advice to our Administration on the dynamic changes of the Syrian revolution and the opposition in order to help find the most suitable and lasting solution to the crisis.

Susan Baaj

Susan Baaj grew up in Damascus, Syria and studied at the University of Damascus. She is the CEO of Isra Couture which designs apparel for the confident conservative woman who wants to enhance her personal style and is currently the chairwoman of the Syrian Institute for Progress (SIP). SIP is an organization that focuses on addressing and supporting the needs of Syrian refugees, in addition to providing information to the Administration on the dynamic changes of the Syrian revolution in order to help find the most suitable and lasting solution to the crisis.
In 2014, SIP had formed Burnt Children Relief Foundation (BCRF) to bring burnt victims from Syria, and Susan has been dedicated her time and efforts to help these kids.
She established the Syrian American Council, Los Angeles chapter, (2011-2012) and has worked on raising awareness about the current crisis in Syria by volunteering her time to empower Syrian-American Women to organize community and provide humanitarian aid to the Syrian people .

She has been the advocate and a voice to many humanitarian forums.

Haifa Azawi, M.D.

Haifa Azawi is a medical doctor board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. Through her New Woman Medical Care she fulfills her desire to help women understand their conditions and provide for their best possible care. Her practice also includes the Multi-Specialty Network, a group of primary care physicians and specialists throughout the greater Long Beach area. She received her medical certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Royal College of OB/GYN in London. She lectures on issues of OB/GYN locally and internationally. She was born in Iraq and served as president of the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) and is present Chair of the Iraq Liaison Committee for NAAMA. She lives in Long Beach with her husband, who is a surgeon and they have three children.

Sherry Cooper

Sherry Cooper has over 25 years experience in the Diplomatic Corps in Washington, DC working for Foreign Governments. Her area of expertise is the Middle East and Africa.

She currently serves as an Advisor to the National Council on US-Arab Relations and as a member of Strategic Advisory Solutions International (SASI-DC) experts group in Washington, DC.

Prior to that, from January 2000 to November 2015 she served as Personal Assistantand Scheduler to three consecutive Saudi Arabian Ambassadors to the United States, namely: HRH Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal and H.E. Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir.

While at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia she performed her duties at the highest level of confidence, running the Ambassador’s private office, scheduling the Ambassador’s appointments, coordinating his travel, liaising with the White House, State Department, US Congress and other US Government offices on a variety of issues. She also coordinated high-level visits of two Saudi Kings, four Crown Princes, one Deputy Crown Prince, numerous cabinet ministers and also supported the late Foreign Minister HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal and current Foreign Minister H.E. Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir annually at the UNGA and on other officials visits to the USA.

Prior to joining the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, she served from April 1989 to January 2000 as Personal Assistant and Legislative Aide to the Counselor: Political at the Embassy of South Africa in Washington, DC, where she ran the Office of the Counselor: Political, scheduled his meetings with officials from the US Administration, State Department and US Congress and also tracked US legislation pertaining to South Africa.

Sherry served under four South African Ambassadors, namely Ambassador Piet Kornhoff, Ambassador Harry Schwarz, Ambassador Franklin Sonn and Ambassador Sheila Sisulu. She was also responsible for coordinating State visits for three South African Presidents and numerous other high ranking South African dignitaries.

Highlights included coordination with the US Congress for President Nelson Mandela’s address to the Joint Session of Congress in June 1990 (following his release from prison) and in September 1998 when President Nelson Mandela was honored by the US Congress and awarded the prestigious Congressional Gold Medal, its highest civilian honor.

Hollie McKay

Director of Media and Outreach for the Burnt Children Relief Foundation (BCRF)

Hollie McKay is a writer, human rights and foreign policy expert and war crimes investigator. She was an investigative and conflict journalist for Fox Digital for over fourteen years where she focused on warfare, terrorism, and crimes against humanity.

Hollie has worked on the frontlines of several major war zones and covered humanitarian and diplomatic crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Russia, Africa, Latin America, and other areas.

Her globally-spanned coverage, in the form of thousands of print articles and essays, has included exclusive and detailed interviews with numerous captured terrorists, as well as high-ranking government, military, and intelligence officials and leaders from all sides.

She has spent considerable time embedded with US and foreign troops, conducted extensive interviews with survivors of torture, sex slavery and forced child jihadist training, refugees, and internally displaced people to communicate the complexities of such catastrophes and war crimes on local populations.

Hollie’s columns are regularly referenced in mainstream publications and academic journals. Hollie is broadly acclaimed by her peers as one of the most diligent reporters in her field and author of the nonfiction military and human rights historical
"Only Cry for the Living: Memos from the ISIS Battlefield." (Jocko Publishing, March 2011). She has been the recipient of numerous foreign press and humanitarian awards.

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